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Severn Railway Family Day Out.

    Our lovely family day out at the Severn Railway Steam Trains started in Bridgnorth and included the Santa Special. We recently moved to Wyre Forest District from London and on the occasion of my son's Birthday I decided to surprise him with a combined Birthday and Christmas experience for him. Thought will be a great idea to have some friends over and do something special together. By that time it was beginning of November and the train tickets for Santa special from Kidderminster were already fully booked. So had to go for the Bridgnorth option. If you have been on Severn Railway do you know why is it more popular from Kidderminster? Let me know on the comments below. 

    As I have booked the earliest train we tried and were the first to arrive at the allocated car park (follow the signs) after driving through beautiful historical village of Bridgnorth. The parking is £4 for the day and then you can always have a stroll at the p picturesque village of Bridgnorth. That was the plan at least. On arrival the kids were disappointed to be honest when they saw that is gonna be a ride on a steam train.

At that time they did not expect at all the fun they will have and the special visit and gift from Santa.

On arrival the atmosphere was amazing. Friendly volunteers dressed up in early 30's, nice decoration and the train itself steaming away made us feel we were in another era.

An elderly man dressed up as a train controller happily gave his hat to the kids to wear and give me the opportunity to take photos with them. We were searching for elves on the shelf, running up and down the bridge and were shown by the engineer where the coal goes.

    In the train the ride we all enjoyed an inclusive drinks and some sweets and mince pies. The kids had a visit from Santa and his elves while a polite gentleman made sure our windows were clean so we could enjoy the scenery outside. We even had a shot of Baileys which made us giggle. The ride was slightly short and we would expect slightly more decorated path along the way but the overall service was amazing and we were so happy with this experience. Kids could not stop talking about the ride on the train too. And the good value gift from Santa.😊

   And before we went for our lovely walk to Bridgnorth we enjoyed some lovely Christmas carols from the local singing group. The lady was so kind she showed the kids how to play on the violin and each one of them had a turn.

We hopefully will be coming back!

Coming soon a winter walk in Bridgnorth..

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