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Stokesay Castle Family Day Out

Last Sunday we booked to visit Stokesay Castle, an English Heritage site in Shropshire.

The day was bright and shiny, always motivates me to go out and explore. Boys were happy but tired that day as we have been exhausted with outdoor activities from the previous day. (we visited Bewdley Museum and it was an amazing experience along with the famous fish and chips by the river). Post to follow.

On our way to the castle we passed through the most amazing views I have ever seen in Clee Hills Shropshire. A valley on top of a hill overlooking the Shropshire hills, wild and beautiful with yellow bushes and sheeps roaming freely. I made a note to myself that I need to make a stop on the way back. Further down we passed through a pub covered with ivy leaves that just started to turn red. A window in the middle revealed a couple sitting and enjoying their breakfast. Idyllic. I think it was The Hopton Crown but need to take the roads again to confirm. I also noticed a pick your own raspberry farm and mentioned it to the boys as we love raspberries and the ones growing in our garden not enough for us at the moment.

As we walked pass a church, our first impression of the castle was the wall that was decorated by the turning red ivy plant. The site was impressive. I love Ivy leaves, their colour is superb. As we walked closer to the entrance we were greeted by a very friendly lady. We requested audio guides and that was amazing for my boys to learn a bit about the history of the place. We checked all the rooms, impressed by how the knights and ladies lived in the older days. Just the minimal amount of furniture. I was stunned by the light in the rooms, how well planned it was and the views of the surrounding Hills. The narrow stairs took us to the top of the castle where we had a quick view with my eldest son. We sat by the built in chair windows and pretended to enjoy a cup of tea while watching the views.

In the end we took the moat walk, saw few apple trees and played hide and seek. Quite a tough one as it was going round and round. I made a pause to enjoy the texture of the wall surrounding the castle, the red wildflowers hanging from the sides of it and took in the colour of the apple trees. We even climbed on couple of trees, my boys find it exciting! Hope you enjoy the videos and some of the photos I took of the day.

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