• Natalia Karali

Empowering Self through Portraiture in Shrawley Woods. Worcestershire Portrait Photographer

The sun finally came out after a long period of heavy rain and indecisive snow in between. I felt low and demotivated that day and did not really wanted to leave the house. Despite my moodiness though I

decided to head off and persevere with my #weeklyphotochallenge. I thought maybe motivation will come when I will be in nature. Most of the times it comes when I am out in the woods, alone with my thoughts. I grabbed my bag with my camera, a tripod and two spare dresses and drove to my favourite local woods, in Shrawley, Worcestershire. My initial plan was to try out couple of smoke bombs I have bought. I had in mind two perfect spots in the woods from a previous visit with my friend and her kids.

On the way there could not resist a large caramel macchiato to keep me warm. And indeed as soon as I started walking in the woods and watching the sun trying to shine through the trees, I could feel my spirits being lifted up. I usually try to avoid main paths for my photoshoots but I spotted some sun beams and had to stop to take some pictures. I mounted my camera on the tripod and found the angle for the best self portraits. I put on my red dress over the jeans and mentally ignored the few people that decided to walk the dog that day. It took couple of attempts before finding the perfect spot to be standing, but sometims in photography you learn through trial and error.

I continued further in the woods among the tall bare tree trunks for my next set of photos. Still wearing the red dress I stopped and breathed the fresh air. The tall trees fascinated me, the way they were standing, I felt I was in a fairy land. The bluebells started to raise among the trees. Cannot wait to see them blooming end of April. In the meantime I tried really hard not to step on their delicate stems and found a little path to walk through. I stopped and looked into different light directions. I had to take a photo of me among the tall trees... and then find the light again. As the sun was going up so the beams of light were changing direction and I felt I was chasing them as they moved along.

Just on time after a set of photos being made among the woods, while i enjoyed the peaceful sunny morning and looking up the gigantic trees providing me a circular shelter , I changed direction and set up my tripod to chase the light. I found a lying trunk and had to walk on it.. Avoided the bluebells stems i tried to balance on the trunk.. I went back to being a child again.. Did not even felt the cold.. Just stood there and enjoyed being one with nature.. I felt a powerful woman.. I felt beautiful.. My mood lifted as I walked back to the car with the tripod and my camera full of photos.

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