Sugar and Lace Boudoir

Hello I am Natalia, owner of Sugar and Lace Boudoir photography in West Midlands, UK. A section  of Woodlight Photography  I am proud of as it has given me the chance to empower women through seeing themselves as they are: beautiful inside and out.


Sugar and Lace Boudoir Photography is about empowering women through intimate portraiture and making them feel confident in their skin.


 Natalia has been working as a midwife for over twenty years and looking after women in their most vulnerable time of their life. Empowering women through supporting them in labour made her realise the need a woman has after giving birth to find her feminine side back,  being not only a mother but a woman.


Thus Sugar and Lace Boudoir is for those that would like to reconnect to the beauty of their bodies after becoming mothers, feel confident and wanted again but also for anyone over 18 who struggle with their body image and would like to be seen as they are and imagine themselves, beautiful inside and out. 


If you are a bride to be, your partner’s birthday is coming up or you would like to surprise your boyfriend/husband with a unique present, I am here for that too. My personalised digital albums will be the perfect gift for him.


Invest in yourself today and get confident so other can see your light and be attracted to the real you.


I am working with two talented make up artists, Charlotte and Aleksandra who can do your hair look gorgeous too.


The locations I use for my photo sessions are my converted home studio, outdoor churches and water features and also for an upgraded fee luxurious hotel rooms and spa.


Session fee: 345£

* Professional Make Up and Hair

* Professional Photo session


*Styling ideas

* Use of props and wardrobe



Aphrodite Collection 2200£ (Value 3800£)

10" by 10" album with 30 images

10-images folio box

3 (16 by 24) metal prints

Full digital file collection

Hera Collection 1500£ (Value 2650£)

8" by 8" digital album with 20 images

Full digital file Collection

8" by 12" Metal Print

Hestia Collection 1200£ (Value 1800£)

10- image folio box

1  Metal print 8" by 12"


Luxurious Hotel Location 249£



"Booking a boudoir photo session  was one of the best things I have ever done.

I felt so empowered and for the first  time in a long while, I felt confident within my own skin and was able to truly appreciate my own kind of beauty."