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How to beat the rain fear when booking a photo session..

Why not use a colourful umbrella?

   Living in UK, where most of the days rain is a common feature of everyday life, booking an outdoor photo session depending on the weather forecast can become challenging for parents and newly engaged couples. Especially for those who grew up in sunnier and warmer countries. But what can you do to create a memorable and fun photo shoot if it happens to rain on the day?

3 Tips to make the most out of a rainy photo session whether you booked a family or an engagement photoshoot.

1. Bring a colourful umbrella

You can chose either a trendy rainbow one or a plain coloured one. You can also ask your photographer if he keeps some to use as photo props. I have seen beautiful umbrellas in all different colours and shapes. And they make beautiful photos. On top kids love to play with umbrellas. If you have booked or planning to book a romantic engagement photoshoot there are umbrellas in the shape of a heart. I like using umbrellas in my fine art photography.

2. Think of the paddles

You sure will remember the faces of your children when they see a paddle! Their faces are lit with joy! That is the perfect side-effect of a rain! There is no need for any other ice-breaking techniques. The photographer can capture them jumping on the paddles and you will have natural smiles captured! For those of you that planned an engagement photoshoot think of all the artistic photos of your reflections you will get when holding each other's hand and stealing a kiss.

3. Think Positive! It is most likely to be a drizzle!

Be honest with yourself! How many times actually is pouring in UK? Most of the times is a tiny drizzle, then it stops and then it starts again. And when the sun comes out after a drizzle what do you get? A lovely rainbow! Wouldn't it be amazing to have a rainbow in your family or engagement memory album?

4. Have your session planned in the woods

Woods are the perfect shed when is raining. So go for the woods instead of an open space. You will not regret it! The kids will find more interesting staff to pick up and play, in autumn the colours of the trees are amazing and the light is diffused. You can even get that ray of sunlight through the edge of the trees.

5. Finally is the time to put on these colourful wellies

In addition chose the red coat that has been hiding in your closet for a while or the bright yellow cardigan for the kids. Do not forget the newspaper boy hat you have bought your son a while ago or that red hood cap you bought last year for your daughter's outfit on The world Children's Book day. Anything colourful will do as it will contrast with the moody rainy atmosphere.

Rainy day made nice and sunny 😊

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