• Natalia Karali

Family photo session in Coombe Wood

    Had a lovely time with Hazel and Mat for a family photo session in Coombe Wood. Coombe wood is one of my favourite places for a child or a family photo session. It is beautiful on every season of the year and there is always a variety of flowers on display. This time of the year we saw a lot of daffodils, snowdrops and some crocuses. I managed to get some lovely photos of the family among a bunch of daffodils and then we let the little one to wander. Thus I could get some spontaneous shots of him.

I bring some times with me a classic red wagon that the toddlers fall for and this time it worked like magic. The big-little boy seemed to had some fun in the wagon among the daffodils. At some point he was even fascinated by the balloons attached to it. Some other times though we had to find something to keep him from coming out of it 😉. The reason was a friendly black cat that resides in Coombe Wood. Any little boy cannot resist easily from chasing a nice cat 😂

We had a lovely stroll and little L was very keen to walk and explore nature. I brought with me some bubbles and he loved them! Mummy and daddy had to work hard though blowing the bubbles. That helped me get some still shots of my little beautiful friend. 💕 Here are some snaps of him.

Finally we went for a round around The Coach cafe to my favourite spot all year around for some last family photos. I enjoyed and loved every moment of this photo session. Capturing precious moments of this little guy as he seems to grow so quickly. Photos that he will hopefully be looking back at in the future. The only thing I regret from that family photo session in Coombe Wood is that I forgot to take some little video memories for Hazel and Mat. Moments such as them walking together with their little one, L chasing and stroking the cat, Hazel blowing the bubbles and Mat making sure his son will not trip over.

Thank you very much guys for a lovely Mother's day session and the lovely bunch of daffodils ❤❤❤

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