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Birth Story from a Birth Photographer in Worcester, Worcestershire

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Katy’s story (the name was changed to preserve anonymity)

    Katy was pregnant with her third baby when she decided to have her birth story documented. I met her for a cup of coffee to learn more about her story when she was already 38wks. It was really important for Katy, her partner and her kids to feel comfortable around me and forget about my presence when the time comes.

Her previous two births were at the hospital, as part of the induction process. She was really hoping to have a natural birth with her previous two but things did not go according to plan. This time around she really hoped to have a homebirth and a waterbirth. She had bought an inflatable pool to use in labour and her two kids were excited and prepared for the baby's arrival. One of her wishes was to have a photo of her daughter holding the newborn the first hrs after birth.

That morning before the birth

     Katy texted me that she started having some pains one Saturday morning. She was expecting a visit from her midwife soon so soon we would find out if she was in established labour. I was on my way to do some shopping with my two kids towards her home address but not prepared for the upcoming birth. We did our shopping quickly, went back home and talked about it with my two boys who let me go with a promise to come back soon. Katy was not in established labour yet but the midwife who happened to be also my friend suggested to go and see her. I also wanted to see where she lives and how the environment will be during labour and birth. Was a good point to check where to park so I do not rush last minute.

    On arrival Katy's kids knew that something is going to happen. Her five year old daughter as soon as she heard from the midwife that the baby is coming could not stop jumping from excitement! In the meantime as I was waiting for my cup of coffee I checked the lighting in the living room and highly commented in my mind the homely environment and the lighting conditions. I would like to be born in such a calm place.❤️

Katy had still some contractions and stopped to breathe through them while daddy entertained the kids. These moments were kept strong in my mind. Pain and laughter, the participation of the kids, the bonds of family. ❤️

    As the kids were full of adrenaline and being a Saturday morning, I left the family to spend some time together to come back later on when Katy will be in established labour. Lots of things going on at my house too. A handyman was painting, a friend coming for a visit from far away and an upcoming birthday for one of my youngest friends' to attend.👀 How would I cope? Would I be there on time? I kept thinking as I was heading back home.🙈

Few hours passed.. My friend came.. We went to the party.. I awkwardly let know the host that I might leave suddenly.. And my friend agreed to pick up my son on my absence while another friend was keeping an eye on him. And then the message came.. Katy was in established labour.😍 My adrenaline levels hit the roof again. Thirty minutes to go.. Third baby.. "Will i be there on time? " I thought again. Within seconds all the quick labours i have seen as a midwife passed through my mind. The carpark baby, the baby in triage, the baby on the ward.😳😳

When I got there..The light was dimmed..candles lit.. the curtains closed..the partner was bringing some hot water for the inflatable pool..the three year old son was away..

the daughter was in the pool swimming like a mermaid.. Katy was using gas and air and copying well.. Soft melodies were coming form the TV screen. The midwife was sitting and observing in the corner while keeping up to date with her notes... I got there and took my place on the corner of the sofa quietly too. No more words.. The photos say it all..

The baby was born naturally..quickly..mum just picked the baby from the water and hold her in her arms.. ❤️ Stayed in the pool for cuddles, skin to skin and a feed while big sister had her turn too.. Everything was so calm.. I stayed a bit longer till the baby brother came too to greet the newborn. Few more photos of the family and when the baby was weighed and that was it.. Left them to enjoy their baby, full of emotions of joy and happiness to be art of this event.

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Katy's side of the story.

" I can't hide that after having my 2nd child I felt that I am not done yet. My instinct told me I needed to experience becoming a mum, one more time. And as much as it's all about having another gorgeous human being growing along inside you, it was also for me being able to be pregnant again and going through labour again. I didn't have an amazing birth experience with my first two...lets be honest it's painful as hell... I planned home birth with both but it didn't happen due to medical reasons. The whole pregnancy went well and I finally got the green light for a home birth, been prepared for it for years, even done a hypnobrithing course -- affirmations and relaxing light and music helped me with each of my labours... So as stand up comedians which I watched before established Labour did kick in.

Few weeks before my due date my friend and best midwife I could ever had, said, she has a friend who is a photographer and who could do a homebirth session. My heart jumped up as I always wanted to have a photographer for my home birth but I couldn't find anyone who does it in the area where we live... Plus I wasn't tottaly sure if I would feel truly comfortable.. But when I been told that Natalia is not only photographer but as well a very experienced midwife I lost any discomfort or hesitation. We met prior to the session and was lovely to establish some relationship and explain how I wish my birth would like to be etc. I think if we wouldn't have met prior to the birth I would have felt a bit awkward so that was a lovely approach from Natalia. I felt excited when on the Big day I felt some pains in the early morning but at the same time I wasn't sure if it was the real labour. I had some pains for many weeks prior to the birth and with my two previous births being induced I spent hours and hours in the hospital. This time it was a different story when I allowed my body to do it when it was ready to do so... I had contractions that morning and the midwife came in. At the same time I let Natalia know that something may be happening, unfortunately with kids jumping and running around from excitement my mind got distracted by making breakfasts and helping them with toilets rather than focusing on my labour... So it all slowed down. I decided to go for a walk just when Natalia rushed in to be on time and I felt awful that I called her for nothing but actually it turned out to be a good thing as she took some gorgeous photos of my kids playing with their dad's and me breathing through contractions. It wouldn't be possible when the real labour started as it all progressed so quickly I wasn't even sure if Natalia or the midwife will make it on time. I went for walk and had contractions every 2 min so walked slowly back with kids and rung my midwife to say that I need to get in the pool as pains are getting bit... Well overwhelming let's say. By the time Natalia came which was few minutes later (I think she has teleportation skills honestly) I was already having active labour. My daughter was in the pool and my partner next to it,two midwifes and a photographer. And I didn't care at all. I was at home in my own space serounded by people I trusted and who genuinely cared. I felt calm and happy and shocked how quickly and how less painfull than my previous labours this one went. I just listened to my body and pushed when I felt the time is right and I could touch baby hairy head than one more push and I took her in my arms full of joy and peace. I handed the new baby girl to my first child who was so full of love and emotions. These emotions got captured on photos and which I will cherish for the rest of our lives. These photos which Natalia made are absolutely priceless. They show emotions, pain, love, joy, a real life, real moments us women are going through. I am forever grateful to universe for allowing me to have home birth and to my midwife for looking after me for the whole of this pregnancy and for giving me strength and showing her trust when I wanted to listen to my body and just switch off from everything outside and do it my way:) And ofcourse we are enormously grateful for Natalia her professional but more importantly friendly and caring attitude and photos which will warm our hearts forever...."

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