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Exploring Bridgnorth with kids, a quirky village in Shropshire

One of the loveliest days out I had with my kids in West Midlands was when we visited with a friend and her kids Bridgnorth village after an amazing ride on Severn Railway steam trains. And if your kids love everything that has to do with trains they will be super excited to visit this lovely village.

We started by crossing the flying bridge from the train station across to the other side of a busy downhill road. By that time we were quite hungry and the site of two enticing restaurant signs was just what we needed. We chose the one on the right and off we went to find some food and explore the area. Kids were excited to run downhill and we could have the view of the Severn river from a higher point of view. Across the road we noticed there were some caves on the mountain that was standing by the river. Kids wanted to explore there too but for that time we just followed the path by the river. Apparently there is a ride you can get to climb up to the top, like a little feniculaire they have in some big cities like Athens, Barcelona, Paris. We threw some pebbles in the river, watched some ducks and swans having their leisure swim by the banks and admired the first colourful train monument. One of the many apparently that you can find across the village.

The village is not flat as most of the villages we are used to and the variety of little pebbled alleys, nice pubs, coffee shops and restaurants along with the cottagy little houses made our day. There is also a big antique shop spread out over three floors and the people there are so amazing with kids. They even created an activity to keep them entertained while the parents walk around and admire the huge amount of old furniture. Unfortunately the pub we wanted to sit in was not open for food on that day but we were glad to find a lovely tearoom and have some bites there. We were not disappointed. What a lovely atmosphere at Bishop Percy's Tea Room!

We continued to walk around the little alleys and got obsessed with taking photos of the Christmas wreaths and the colourful doors we saw. And of the kids of course. Had to hold on tightly on them in order not to let them into a sweet shop.. that was difficult but we had already too many sweets. Continued and to our delight discovered some more hidden places in Bridgnorth. The high street with the quirky building in the middle of the street and lovely cute shops. Isn't it wonderful to be able to find a traditional butchery and a traditional bakery? By the time we got to our car the kids were so exhausted they were dragging each other up the hill. I thought I will be the one tired.😂

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Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at our photos. 😍😍

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