• Natalia Karali

Empowering women through Photography

I would like to empower women through my photography. That is my dream. You are beautiful. You can be free and express yourself in the way that you feel like. You can be in nature and enjoy yourself. Hear the sounds. Feel great about yourself.

Creating beautiful portraits of yourself the way you are now so you can treasure these memories in the future. You can come back to these photos and relish on them. Is a depiction of who you are now or what you would like to be.

LET your imgination set free and enjoy the moment. I will capture that moment and create a great album that you can look at it when you feel down or when life sent you some lemons😍.

In the busy life we are living rushing to work and looking after our kids we need to dedicate time for ourselves. That way we will be happier and we will be able to give more to the people surrounding us. So why not do that gift of expression, fulfilment and happiness to yourself? I will be there to facilitate it and help you feel great about yourself.

Call me on 07545252173 or drop me a line to info@woodlighthotography.co.uk

Looking forward to helping you feel great and creating amazing images of yourself



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